A Tailor-Made App

Use case Details

I want to record my singing practices in an easy and accurate way. Specifically, unlike most recorders, the recording must focus on music and disable all filters, such as gain control and compression focused on speach (and maybe very loud and already compressed music). If necessary, there may be a need to set a gain level manually or semiautomatically.

It must be possible to use an external microphone, if available.

Also, the recorder should be able to produce reference notes for one or more singers when (before(!)) the recording starts.

Further, I need to be able to split and trim the performances into smaller, suitably named parts to present to teachers.

Finally, I want this to be part of a suite of music study tools allowing the simultaneous use of the recorder together with tools such as a (visual) metronome, sheet or text presenter, tuner/pitch control.

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